Emma S. Manning

Linguist at Google, NLG evaluation nerd

As of October 2021, I’m a Linguist at Google, working on Natural Language Generation for Google Assistant.

I’m also, for now, still a PhD candidate in Computational Linguistics at Georgetown University, expecting to graduate in December 2021. Nathan Schneider is my advisor, and I’m a member of NERT and GUCL.

My main research interest is evaluation of natural language generation, and I also enjoy corpus linguistics. Beyond research, I’m very interested in teaching, and in communicating about linguistics and NLP to a broader audience!

referring to me

I pronounce my name /ˈɛmə ˈmænɪŋ/.

When referring to me with third-person pronouns in English, please use either they/them or he/him. If you’re talking about me in a language other than English that marks gender grammatically, any non-feminine forms are fine.


Oct 25, 2021 I started as a Linguist at Google!
Sep 21, 2021 Our paper, Underreporting of errors in NLG output, and what to do about it, received a Commendation for Outstanding Position Paper at INLG 2021
Jun 4, 2021 I successfully defended my dissertation!!!
May 14, 2021 I completed a draft of my dissertation! Stay tuned for defense news :)
Apr 13, 2021 We’ll be presenting a poster, “A Balanced and Broadly Targeted Computational Linguistics Curriculum”, at the Teaching NLP Workshop at NAACL 2021